People Are Wearing Tights As Tops — & It (Kind Of) Works

If you've been welcoming the new season with a few fresh pairs of tights and wondering what to do with (besides throw out) your old, potentially torn-up ones, the wide, wide world of Instagram has your solution. Yes, it has officially come to our attention that people are turning theirs into tops — all it takes is a few minutes and a sharp pair of scissors.

Just last week
, we spotted popular minimalist blogger Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics attempt the look with a greyish-brown pair, as well as a fishnet version, through the (admittedly yet-to-be-populated) #tightsastops hashtag. It's also rumoured to be a thing dancers do, according to this tutorial. And while we can't actually see how much use that particular step-by-step has been, we can see that this YouTube tutorial has over three million views and counting. Seems like there is a need for this reduce-reuse-and-recycle how-to, after all. Now, before you sound off, this styling trick actually falls in line with one of this season's most popular trends: sheer, or netted, undershirts (see: here and here). So, while this may seem like one of those eye-roll-inducing DIYs, it's a hack that could actually end up saving you a couple bucks. Is this the Yeezy effect in action? We think yes. And we don't hate it. Let us know in the comments below if you'll be putting this to use (and please, please share photos — we need to be convinced that we're not crazy for wanting to try it ourselves).

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