You Won't See Another Supermoon Like This Month's Until 2034

Photo: Getty Images.
November 14 isn't an official holiday, but this year it might as well be. Not only will that night bring us the brightest supermoon of 2016, but also the closest one to earth in 68 years. In other words: This month's moon is going to be epic.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, November's full moon is also called the Beaver Moon. Historically, it marks the time of year when beaver traps were set. Set them too late and lakes would freeze over, preventing the capture of the animals and limiting the amount of warm fur trappers would be able to sell for over the wintertime months.

Like October's supermoon, this month's Beaver Moon will appear larger because of its close proximity to Earth. EarthSky notes that this is the nearest supermoon since 1948 and that we won't get another one this close until 2034. Cue the FOMO.


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