There’s Now An Easier Way To Request An Uber

Uber already feels like the fastest way to get from place to place, but it just got even quicker for those who use Google. Both iPhone and Android users who have the Google App can request an Uber straight from the result page, reports The Next Web, saving some extra clicks. Let's say you use the app to Google directions to the airport. This new feature won't just show you directions, but will also show you the distance and estimated fair of the closest Uber. It then allows you to launch the ride-hailing app with your current and desired destinations already entered. Having everything pre-filled when you open the app means a car can be hailed in practically a second, which makes all the difference if your flight is taking off in under an hour. The Next Web confirmed that this was an international update, noticing that the feature appeared in both India, including their ride-hailing service called Ola, and The Netherlands. Don't have Uber, or your city's equivalent? Instead, Google's App will link you to the app store so you can download it. At this rate, in a year an Uber will appear at your door before you even know you wanted to go somewhere. No complaints here.

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