So, I Have This Insane Bella Hadid Theory…

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
So, I have this theory. Throughout my unofficial side-hustle as a supermodel documentarian, I've catalogued a lot of symmetrical faces via my Cam Jansen-esque photographic memory. After a while, I felt like a few of them started to look the same. For example, you have your Carmen Cass lookalike, ANTM alum Kahlen Rondot; your Brigitte Bardot lookalikes, Anna Ewers and Lara Stone; and, my latest hypothesis, your Carla Bruni lookalike, Bella Hadid.
On December 23, 1967, songbird Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi entered the world, blessing us with her catwalk chops and soothing tunes. She'd go on to become the first lady of France after marrying president Nicolas Sarkozy. Nearly 30 years later, on October 9, 1996, Isabella Khair Hadid entered the world, soon to become yet another supermodel who'd change the way we tie post-bubble bath towels on our heads forever. The two are linked by their careers, of course, but also by their very recognisable faces. And that's where Carla and Bella are basically the same person.
Take their iconic nose, for example. It starts at the T-zone, which sets up the ski-slope like bridge — straight and narrow all the way down — gaining momentum toward a prominent point, fanning out to a pair of bookend nostrils to complete the sculpture. Then, there's the pointed chin that's squared off at the bottom just so, almost like a Disney love interest's. But we'd be remiss not to acknowledge the signature feature they share: their piercing, Alaskan husky eyes that bop down the runway, as wispy, chestnut-brown hair distorts your line of vision from falling prey to their hypnosis. I mean, call me crazy, but this is what goes on in my head.
And that's why we're gathered here today to (sort of) declare (please don't sue me) that in another world — perhaps under Illuminati control — Bella Hadid is a descendant of Carla Bruni. Ahead, I share with you my findings in a slideshow of side-by-side comparisons that, I swear, will have you thinking you're seeing double. Double trouble, that is. Zing!

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