This iPhone Hack Ends “Ducking” Forever

While your iPhone can track your steps and listen to voice commands, it's still not up to date on curse words. That's why, in the middle of ranting to your friends over iMessage, you're met with a lot of unexpected "ducks." iPhones have somewhat notoriously autocorrected f-bombs to "duck" and "ducking" since their debut, but someone finally found a way to stop those pesky birds from showing up uninvited.
A columnist at The Guardian discovered that if you add "fuck fucker" and "fucked fucking" as contacts in your phone, iMessage stops vehemently changing the words when they're used in texts. This is because Apple is smart enough to recognise the words as a contact, so it thinks you're talking about your friend rather than how long it's taking Seamless to arrive. While this trick won't save lives, it will certainly save time as well as embarrassment when your heartfelt, passionate declarations are no longer infiltrated with rogue mallards. The days of being "so ducking hungry" and wondering "what the duck is happening" are behind you. You can finally rant in peace. Perhaps in the future, Apple will recognize its users as the pottymouths they really are, but until then, we'll keep finding ways to keep our dirty mouths alive — even though it's really ducking annoying.

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