24 Margot Tenenbaum Costumes That Say, "I'm Fine, Thank You"

Photo: Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures.
Apart from solid plots and some pretty wicked art direction, Wes Anderson's films always come with a quirky sense of style (which makes the act of watching his movies feel more like enjoying a fashion show). Although many of his films have become cult classics, The Royal Tenenbaums was what made us, and the fashion community, begin to take note.

Everything about our favourite Tenenbaum (the adopted Margot) and her personal style can be described on one hand: a fur jacket, a Lacoste dress, a barrette, a Birkin bag, and a cigarette. The chain-smoking child-genius who wrote award-winning plays at age 11 kept her sartorial choices consistent from childhood into adulthood — a talent only a Tenenbaum could possess. Known for her extreme secrecy, she was rebellious, promiscuous, and unconventional, which made her conservative dressing that much more intriguing.

And we know what your inner angsty, class-skipping self is thinking. All of this makes for a great Halloween costume (or, at least one you don't have to explain to those who just don't "get it"). What's even better about the preppy-bad-girl look is that, chances are, you already own some of it. Think: a striped bodycon dress, loafers, a bobby pin, an old bag...you've got this. Ahead, we've got the starting point for your own Margot Tenenbaum this Halloween — Sweet Aftons not included.

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