Demi Lovato Calls Out Fan Art For Distorting Her Body

Demi Lovato loves her fans. Demi Lovato loves her body. Demi Lovato does not love when fans distort her body in their fan art. Lovato took to Instagram to comment on a post from an artist named Vladimir Serbanescu. Serbanescu drew Lovato as a mermaid, complete with boobs that were unrecognisable to his subject. "Is that how my boobs should look?" Lovato commented. Hard to miss the edge in that rhetorical question. But, Demi being Demi, she wasn't all sharp elbows when it came to the post. After all, the artist did post it as a fan, presumably as a sort-of tribute to Lovato. "It's gorgeous, but that's not my body," she said. Serbanescu stood by his mermaid. "If [I] make your waist slimmer and your boobs bigger to accentuate the fact that [I] drew you as a mermaid, a mythological creature, doesn’t mean I say that you should look like that or all girls should look like that,” he wrote when he shared the photo. “That’s how [I] imagine mermaids. I worked a lot on that drawing and i was proud of it, but not anymore.” Okay, that does make us feel a little sorry for him. He took a shot and he got shot down. Maybe he'll remember to watch out for mermaids. Sometimes, you sail straight into the rocks.

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