Friday's Moon Brings The Wakeup Call You Need

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Ever since last Thursday, when we reached the monthly "new" lunar phase, the moon has been growing — at least, to the naked eye. We've been seeing more of the moon since it started waxing last weekend, and this Friday, October's first quarter moon will arrive. As exciting as a little more moonlight may seem (half of the moon will be illuminated and visible), this lunar phase comes with a unique set of challenges.
As it appears midway between the new moon and the full moon, the first quarter moon represents the point of no return. It's a time to take action, make decisions, and overcome your own self-doubt. Easier said than done, right?
Astrologer Dana Gerhardt writes that this lunar phase is even referred to as "crisis times," the pressure can be so intense to go, go, go. Luckily, on an individual level, its effects are a little more nuanced than that alarming descriptor would have us believe.
For one thing, this Friday's moon is not a deadline. We've been swimming in this motivational lunar energy ever since the moon started waxing and it will continue to drive and invigorate us until the moon reaches fullness once again. In other words, the first quarter moon should serve as an opportunity to check in on your personal goals: How's your apartment hunt going? Are you keeping in touch with your family, like you said you would? What do you have lined up for the next big meeting?
Asking yourself questions like these will help you determine your next steps — and there's no time like the present to actually take those steps.
If you aren't approaching a major change or checkpoint in your life, the Astrotwins offer another way to think about it. This month's first quarter moon will be in Aquarius, a sign associated with innovation and forward-thinking. So, if your phone has become a natural extension of your hand, it may be time to reconsider the role technology plays in your life. Are you engaging with your loved ones online? Does your news app keep you informed and aware? If you take stock of your internet use and realise it's little more than a source of stress, a screen time detox before the full moon may do wonders for you.
It's up to you how much the moon and its phases impact your everyday life. But, if you usually need a little nudging to get moving on your goals, Friday just might be the kick in the pants you need.

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