8 New Things Siri Can Do

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Apple is gearing up to release its iOS 10 system in the coming weeks, which will include tons of new updates that will go some way to making iPhones worth the price. The new OS will include gender-inclusive emoji, with 100 spanking-new and redesigned icons, as well as female athletes and professionals.

iOS will also include amazing updates for Siri, Apple's touch-activated voice system. Siri will now allow all users to tap into specific apps, like Skype, Square Cash, and Pinterest without ever opening them. By saying "Hey Siri," iPhone owners will be able to make video calls on Skype, pay their rent via Square Cash or Monzo, and save photos from Pinterest. Siri will even be able to hail Uber and Lyft for those who need a ride.

Our go-to personal assistant is getting a whole lot cooler with these nine amazing updates.

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