Uh-Oh What Is Drake’s Dad About To Do?

Photo: Via @therealdennisg.
It was just a fortnight ago that Canadian rock band Arkells dropped the video for their single "Drake's Dad", featuring a surprise cameo from the mustachioed legend himself. Well, Dennis Graham, who is in his 60s, must have enjoyed his taste of the limelight, because he's about to release an R&B album of his own. Like Mitch Winehouse, who signed a record deal at 59-years-old, Graham will be following in his prodigy's footsteps. His signature sound appears to be a sultry brand of bedroom R&B, not too dissimilar from Marvin Gaye. In a video clip from his first track from the album, "Kinda Crazy", obtained by TMZ, Graham can be seen reclining on a silver throne, clad in a slick white suit and with his son's brand of bling: an OVO owl pendant. And from the graceful dad dancing on display, it's clear where Drake got his signature moves. Proving that you're never too old, Graham, who has more than 181,000 Instagram followers of his own, will release the track this month, before dropping the soon-to-be-completed full album, TMZ reported. The album doesn't yet have a name. The album is reportedly a collaboration between Graham and producer Jamie Iovine, CRO of Meltdown Comics and the son of Apple's Jimmy Iovine who helped create Apple Music. According to Rolling Stone, Graham and the younger Iovine met during BET Weekend at Epic Fest. Iovine allegedly wanted to meet Graham because his father had worked closely with Drake. "Dennis had always been sort of a legend around Los Angeles as one of the flyest, smoothest dudes in Hollywood, putting guys my age to shame on a nightly basis," Iovine told Rolling Stone. "He told me about a project that he was working on that I might be interested in. A few weeks later, he sends me 'Kinda Crazy,' and I thought, 'People need to hear this!' I had no idea what to expect but this guy has a lot of soul and passion for music, and you can see where Drake gets it from."
Drake has given his blessing to his dad as he embarks in his musical journey, Rolling Stone reported, and has approved the completed songs. But it's unclear whether Drake will feature on the album. Graham "didn't want to piggy back off of his son's career," Iovine told Rolling Stone. It might be a little late for that, but hey, at least we get to enjoy the results. "We expect a lot of babies to be born nine months after this song comes out," Iovine said.

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