Can We Please Stop Worrying About Fat Rolls & Folds Of Skin?

Photographed by Rebekah Campbell.
It's no secret that, here at Refinery29, we love and support breasts, butts, and bodies of all shapes. With that in mind, we decided it was high time to focus on the body parts that don't seem to get enough love: rolls and folds in the skin. You know, the totally natural bodily features that everyone has but are often omitted from mainstream media's portrayal of women's bodies.
Like stretch marks and scars, rolls of skin indicate what a body has been through and what it can do. Whether you're doing something routine (laughing, eating, walking) or something for the very first time (nailing a new yoga pose), take a second to notice everything about your body that helps you do those things. You probably have a fold or two to thank, right?
Ahead, we photographed nine women and spoke with them about why they love their bodies, what gives them confidence, and, above all, why every woman should love her whole body — rolls, folds, and all.

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