You Have To Watch These Videos Of Origami Food

These videos will reconcile your arts-and-crafts-loving inner child with your food-porn-viewing adult self. The Australian Vine production company Yelldesign has laid bare the process of making iconic dishes from around the world out of paper, Travel and Leisure reported. For Italy, there's origami penne and meatballs. The end product is a cross between a table setting and a desk.
There's also a very elaborate origami ramen bowl to represent Japan. It's got an egg sliced down the middle, a piece of pork belly, and everything.
The fish and chips are presumably for England, although they're served on top of The New York Times.
There's also a lesser-known food called jaffle, an Australian sandwich whose edges are sealed using a special iron.
These dishes look so good, you'll want to eat them. Unfortunately, they all look exceedingly complicated to make. And then there's the fact, of course, that they're made out of paper.

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