£1500 Cronut On Sale In London

Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images for JUST EAT.
Remember when people queued for hours for a bite of the pioneering cronut when it launched in New York in 2013? Well, they soon became a whole lot less exclusive as bakeries the world over began creating their own knock-off versions of the doughnut/croissant hybrid.

From Creme Egg cronuts to the Greggs own-brand “Greggsnut” (yes, really), and the most recent cronut-style ice cream “cones”, we thought we'd reached Peak Cronut long ago.

But then this weekend happened, and a £1,500 cronut went on sale in London. The sweet treat – the most expensive of its kind in the world – was created by London-based Dum Dum Donutterie.

The “Luxury Zebra Cro”, so named because of its striped layers, contains a range of expensive “luxury” ingredients.

These include gold leaf, Cristal rosé champagne caviar, Iranian saffron-infused butter croissant dough, French delicacy Normandy butter, powdered Nutella and the world’s most expensive Amedei Porcelana Chocolate.

The cronut is available to buy via Just Eat, however, it's so exclusive that anyone interested must place their order over the phone rather than straight through the website, where the bakery’s other offerings are sold. The more bog-standard “Zebra Cro”, for example, costs £3.50.

Paul Hurley, who created the cronut, said he spent months testing flavours to get the perfect combination, the Daily Mail reported.

Diners are apparently advised to cut it into pieces to savour every mouthful and increase their enjoyment.

But how many Londoners will choose to blow a large portion of their monthly salaries on a fleeting sugar high? The jury's out.

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