Zayn Just Got An Amazingly Nerdy UV Tattoo

Zayn must have seen our piece about that cool UV Harry Potter tattoo because he went and got one for himself.

The ex-Directioner has a lightsaber on his middle finger. It looks normal, like nothing special. But then you wave a UV light over it and bam, that sucker lights up blue.

Artist Jon Boy, a big believer in UV ink, posted the image to his Instagram Thursday.

"I've been in the business for over 16 years. I remember when UV first hit the market. At the time, it was fairly new so people were a little iffy about how safe it was," Jon Boy says of the potential health hazards of UV ink. "I've had mine for years. I recommend it."

We hope he’s right, because Zayn’s middle finger health is at stake. If something bad were to happen, Zayn would be flashing a seriously messed up digit when trying to flip people the bird. And we can’t have that.

Check out the ink below.

May the force be with you @zayn #uvink #starwars #jonboytattoo

A photo posted by c/s Jon Boy p/v (@jonboytattoo) on


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