Serial's Adnan Syed Gets New Trial: Judge

Photo: Baltimore Sun/Getty Images.
Attention to all Serial fans: The saga is not over yet.

Adnan Syed, the man at the heart of the popular podcast, was granted a new trial on Thursday, his attorney announced on Twitter.

Syed was only 19 when he was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, who disappeared in the winter of 1999. Now in his early 30s, Syed has been serving a life sentence in a Maryland prison since his conviction.

Serial explored the inconsistencies of the case, and the podcast quickly grew a massive following.

Judge Martin Welch vacated Syed's conviction on Thursday because his previous attorney "rendered ineffective assistance when she failed to cross-examine the state's expert regarding the reliability of cell tower location evidence," reported The Baltimore Sun.

You can read the court order here.

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