Rihanna's New Song Emerges In Star Trek Beyond

Beam me up, RiRi.

You don't have to care about Vulcans to enjoy the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Captain Kirk and his crew will be back in theatres on July 22, and they've recruited a feisty friend: Rihanna.

The new trailer offers up the first listen for the pop star's latest single, "Sledgehammer." More ballad than club hit, the song has Rihanna showing off her pipes as she croons "I hit a wall" over and over.

Video: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

The singer revealed her inner Trekkie as she teased the trailer to fans yesterday. Note that emoji, gang.

Got something for y'all tomorrow. 🖖

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Now all we need is Rihanna's own music video for the track. We're thinking something sci-fi, sexy alien backup dancers, and maybe a cameo from Zoe Saldana's Uhura. Make it so, Rihanna.


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