13 Songs You’ve Been Singing Wrong Forever

So we’re all failures. A full 15 years after its release, we only learned this week that we’d been getting the lyrics to “I’m Real” terribly wrong.
Are you ashamed? Because I am. (Although nothing we feel can compare to the disappointment likely radiating from J.Lo and Ja Rule, wherever they may be.)
So why not continue our slide down this never-ending shame spiral? Why not (with “R-U-L-E” on our minds and J.Lo’s velour in our hearts) admit that this is far from the first time we’ve missed the mark and betrayed ourselves as bad listeners? Because we know “I’m Real” is no anomaly. Through history, we’ve misheard and mis-sung the greatest songs of all time, embarrassing ourselves and those within earshot in the process.
Now, it’s time to acknowledge those moments. In the immortal words of Elton John, hold me closer, Tony Danza. (Just kidding. I barely know him.)

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