15 Of The Best Celebrity Eyebrow Makeovers

It seems like — almost overnight — the world has become eyebrow-obsessed. And, well, with good reason. Ask makeup artist James Kaliardos and he'll tell you that eyebrows are "the holders of expression," and should be valued as such.
"I’m always telling women, 'If you want a raise, go in and strengthen your brows first — it makes you [appear] strong,'" Kaliardos tells us. "Emphasising your brow...is a really powerful thing to do."
Which is probably why many celebrities have told us that their biggest beauty regrets revolve around, you guessed it, eyebrows. More specifically, not taking better care of them — whether that involves over-tweezing or not tweezing enough.
As they say: You live and you learn reshape 'em. But that doesn't mean those often regrettable moments go undocumented. Ahead, we lay out some of our favourite celebrity eyebrow transformations. One note: The following ladies are stunning in both their before and their after shots, but there's no arguing how much a new set of brows can transform the face.

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