Beyhive Identifies Alternate “Becky With The Good Hair” Suspect

One of the most intriguing and therefore most speculated-about lyrics on Lemonade is on “Sorry.” “He better call Becky with the good hair,” Beyoncé sings. This obviously raises a question: Who the hell is Becky? The first and most popular theory is that Becky is Rachel Roy, mainly because she has good hair. The second most popular theory is that it’s Rachael Ray, who has a name similar to Rachel Roy’s. But now a dark horse has entered the arena. Rita Ora is the latest victim of the Becky/Good Hair speculation, due to this image she posted on her Snapchat. The pic, which you can see below, involves a “J” pendant on her necklace and a bra with two miniature lemons covering Ora’s nipples. Well, that’s something.
The Beyhive is reacting about how one might expect.
Palace intrigue is always a blast to speculate about, isn't it? Of course, one explanation is that "Becky" is a composite character. Though that’s not as fun. But then again, neither is infidelity.

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