You Can Now Buy Your Own Personal-Pizza Oven

Photographed by Sara Haile.
If you're a true pizza lover, you've had that moment. You're out to dinner, you take a bite of a delicious slice made in a wood-, brick-, or otherwise fancy oven, and for half a second you daydream about buying one for your kitchen. (Gwyneth Paltrow has one, so why shouldn't you?!) Luckily, the moment passes as soon as you start thinking about the balance in your bank account. But thanks to a new kitchen contraption, you can officially make that personal-pizza-oven dream a reality.
Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is a magical gadget that Business Insider has highlighted as the perfect accessory for the pizza lover. The Roomba-looking gizmo is made of steel and features a built-in pizza stone. Simply place it on your gas stove, and the oven, which can go up to 315ºC, can cook an impressive pie in six minutes.

The pizza oven goes for $175 (£125) on Amazon, which is so much cheaper than getting rid of your bedroom to make room for a custom brick one. You can spend the money you save on some really fancy cheese. Alas, since £125 is more than we'd realistically be willing to spend on a single kitchen gadget, we're adding this to our holiday wish list. (It's never too early...)

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