Here’s Everything We Know About Beyoncé’s Album

April 4 has come and gone, so where the hell Beyoncé's new album? In recent days, we've been bestowed with an amazing activewear line and a rare, intimate interview with Bey in Elle U.K. Now rumors and speculation about new music have reached a fever pitch, and the Beyhive is about damned ready to explode. I mean, 4/4 was the most perfect day to drop her new album, seeing as "4" is a pretty special number to Bey. She and her husband wed on a fourth; they were both born on a fourth; and their daughter's middle name, Ivy, is said to be a play on the roman numerals for four, IV. What's the deal, Bey? These are dire times, people. To keep yourself busy and sane, take a look at our rundown of everything we know — and suspect — about Beyonce's SURELY IMMINENT new album.

It's "beyond awesome."
Back in February, Bey's stylist Ty Hunter told Andy Cohen that he had indeed heard the new album — and that it is "beyond awesome."
It might be called B6. Mega-producer and Bey collaborator Boots reportedly posted tweets about the album before deleting them. According to BuzzFeed, the producer wrote on Twitter, "B6 is dope" and, "this is the most exciting album I've ever worked on."

It will almost definitely feature some heavy hitters.
A supposed track list leaked last month, and while its authenticity is dubious, the names on it aren't a reach. Jay Z, Adele, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean are all supposedly featured on the new songs. Yeezy, her husband's prolific BFF, sounds like a good bet. We also know that a Sia-penned reject ended up on Sia's own album, lending credence to the rumour that she worked on a track with Queen B.

But Jay Z and Mariah are the surest things.
A track with her hubby is long overdue, and last year, producer Details said, "[Me] and Beyonce and Jay Z are actually doing something together this year." And an M.C. collab is looking pretty legit, too. Anthony Burrell, who is Carey's creative director and one of Bey's choreographers, confirmed that he was working with both artists on a "project" in February. "Thankful for these amazing beauties for respecting my craft and allowing me to be apart of their project," he wrote.

It will be on Tidal
. I mean, it's kind of unthinkable that she wouldn't release an album via her husband's streaming service, right?
Bey has been filming new videos. Hillary Clinton visited Bey on an L.A. set, according to UsWeekly. And a photo of Beyoncé with relatives of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown, surfaced in March. The BeyHive Twitter account — which thoroughly documents any and all whispers of Bey news — claims that the family members will appear in a new music video.
And there are already 13 new "mystery videos." Last month, fans noticed that there were 13 videos, hidden from public viewing, recently uploaded to Bey's Vevo page. Could this be a sign of another visual album, à la 2013's surprise release? Or 13 audio tracks on deck, waiting to go live at the click of a button?

The album will likely drop this month.
The BeyHive Twitter account also claims that the album is complete and ready to drop any time. Would Bey really torture the world longer than a few more weeks? Plus, with the Formation World Tour kicking off April 27, it's hard to believe she wouldn't release it before then.

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