Khloé Kardashian Shares Her Scary Experience With Facial Fillers

Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock
The members of the Kardashian family are no strangers to cosmetic procedures. From Kylie's lip fillers to Kourtney's boob job, just about everyone in the fam has admitted to getting some work done. And now, Khloé is talking about her experience — and it wasn't pretty. On her show Kocktails with Khloé, the youngest Kardashian talked about how her face reacted to getting fillers. "So fucked," she said. "I had to go and get [the fillers] dissolved." Apparently she had an adverse reaction to the procedure, and her entire face froze up. It all happened around the time of her estranged husband Lamar Odom's accident, and her doctor blamed stress for the botched job. "The doctor was like, 'I think that too much was happening to your real emotions,'" Khloé said. She admits to now being afraid of getting fillers, and being bummed out about it — and we totally appreciate her casual honesty. She should be able to get them without fear of judgment if she wants to. It's a decision that a person has to make for his or herself, and it's really none of anyone's business. As our beauty features director so eloquently put it, "Confidence doesn't always mean acceptance. For many women, feeling good from within can sometimes mean opting for cosmetic procedures."

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