Adele’s Grammys Performance Falls Flat

The world loves Adele, there's no doubt about that. And the woman has a way of slaying every one of her live performances. So it pains us to admit that her showing at Monday nights' Grammys fell pretty flat. Most noteworthy was the technical snafu that messed up the sound mixing during her live rendition of "All I Ask." Obviously, somebody fumbled on the job. And naturally, fans are on a witch hunt for the perp who dared to mess with a live performance from the goddess. Others are handling it with humor.
But it's undeniable that aside from the technical difficulties, Adele's voice was just not in top form tonight. She seemed to have trouble hitting her high notes, and her voice lacked the pitch-perfect power it usually has. In other words, it just wasn't her night. "All I Ask" was a risky choice, since the Brit has said before that it's "really hard to sing" after her vocal chord surgery. People were disappointed, but many were pretty understanding. Some even suggested it was the sound error that threw her off.
At the end of the day, though, let's all remember that Adele is an incomparable talent and we love her, lackluster Grammys performance and all.

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