20 Reasons Why Baby Spice Was Actually The Best Spice Girl

Photo: John Stanton / Getty.
Forty-two years ago today, a very special Baby was born. Little did Emma Bunton's parents know that their little girl would grow up to be a member of the biggest phenomenon of the '90s. The daughter of a milkman and a karate teacher, Bunton grew up humbly in London. At age 18, she was pursuing an acting career when she dropped everything to become one-fifth of a British outfit called the Spice Girls. Being the youngest of the bunch, Bunton adopted the nickname "Baby Spice." She was the sweet, innocent counterpart to Sporty, Scary, Ginger, and Posh.
As every '90s kid knows, the Spice Girls dominated the latter half of the decade with poppy hits, platform kicks, lovable personalities, and message of girl power. Everyone had their favourite, and I was a Baby Spice devotee. This may or may not have been because at the time I was the shy, blonde baby of my family. And even now, years after the heyday of Spice-mania, Baby doesn't always get the credit she deserves. So, here's a very un-scientific argument for why Baby is the best. Girl power!

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