You’re Eating Sushi Wrong

Put the California roll you just ordered for lunch down immediately. Your entire relationship with sushi has been a lie. Chances are you've been casually dousing your rolls in soy sauce and drinking cold water to stop the wasabi burn since you first started curbing your appetite with those preciously rolled fish and rice combos. It's okay, though. We're all guilty of it, and the folks over at I Love Coffee are here to help.
So keen are they for you to be informed that they've drafted up a clever infographic to enjoy as you grapple with your chopsticks. To begin, never start an order with tuna rolls. Since the proper way of eating sushi calls for lightly flavoured fish first and heavier tasting fish last, tuna signals that you're done eating. These eight simple steps aren't the be-all-and-end-all of sushi eating, however. They're merely guidelines; if you prefer filling your mouth with more rolls to stop a wasabi burn rather than breathing through your nose, then keep on consuming, sushi lover. You might want to keep these tips in mind when actually dining at a real sushi house, though. Better to save some face than annoy your chef – they're the ones with the knives after all.
sushiPhoto: Courtesy of I Love Coffee.

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