Get Your Life Right With These 7 Warming Winter Salads

Think of a January salad and you probably don't think of a happy salad. The phrase conjures up a sad pile of limp leaves and out-of-season tomatoes, reluctantly eaten in a bid to feel better about living off Terry's Chocolate Oranges throughout December. Done badly, a salad is an uninspiring, drab 'meal' that's more self-flagellation than satisfaction.
It doesn't have to be this way. We're moving away from the idea that salads are diet food and into a world where they are full of flavour, texture and deeply satisfying – a world I'd far rather be in. Eating salad in the winter months can be just as exciting as it is in summer, you just have to pick your ingredients carefully.
Ahead are some of our favourite winter salad recipes, which draw inspiration from a range of cuisines and rely on more seasonal ingredients. Some are served warm, others warm the soul. Either way, they're perfect for work lunches.

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