8 Sex Positions Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Whatever you do on Valentine's Day — whether you spend your entire last paycheque on a meal at a fancy restaurant or just nuke some Bagel Bites in the microwave and catch up on The Bachelor, — if you're with a partner, odds are good your night will end with sex. One 2017 study found that 59% of people in relationships plan to have sex on Valentine’s Day — and so do 16% of singles, who may have scheduled a first date for the occasion.
To make Valentine’s Day sex special, you might decide to get a hotel room. Or if you’re staying at home, you might tidy your things, change your sheets, and light a few candles. You could even break your favorite lingerie or best perfume. 
Why waste all that work on your same old tried-and-true sex positions? Instead, try something new and make the night memorable. We’ve chosen a few hot sex positions perfect for V-Day here.

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