Our Apartment Costs $7,500 A Month — & The Dishwasher Is Still Broken

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers. Today, 23-year-old Cat Grey shows us around her 6-bedroom apartment, which she shares with five roommates.
When shoe model and actress Cat Grey decided to move to New York, she knew it was going to be rough. A few years ago, she had taken a sublet in Hell's Kitchen where she paid $1,225 for a windowless room without air conditioning. "It was your typical nightmare New York City apartment," she said.
So when she found a room for $1,225 (utilities included) in a spacious, modernized apartment in Williamsburg, she was sure she was being scammed. "I came across it on Gypsy Housing on Facebook, and I was like, 'No way, this isn't real.'" It didn't help that the poster's photo was from 2008, a tiny-pixelated image that screamed "fake."
Lucky for Cat, the apartment was legit — and so were the five new roommates she would be moving in with. "Everyone in [my] life was like, 'Can you really live with five strangers?' I was definitely scared because I'd only ever lived with friends or my brother. But now, I don’t regret it because we're all like family." Watch Cat take you through her Sweet Digs above, then shop her picks below.
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photographed by Melenie McGregor.
Can you describe a typical Saturday night with your roommates?
"So typically, we would all go out. We go out separately, and sometimes, we go out together, depending on what's going on. We usually like hit up bars in Williamsburg or Bushwick. But two weekends ago, we had this huge party. I think like 100 people came in and out, and it was a Disney-themed party; it was amazing. You should've seen the hallway. The hallway was just full of shoes because we asked everyone to take their shoes off."
Are your roommates the same age as you?
"I am 23 years old. Our youngest roommate is 22, then two of my roommates are 25, and the last two are 26 and 29."
What's the worst part about the space?
"Probably how thin our walls are. I don’t know why the walls are so thin. That's a good question. I think that's just because, you know, new buildings usually have thin walls. I can only hear my roommate below me, and she can hear me above, so obviously, sometimes when we're having like private hour with boyfriends, we can hear that. And we can hear everything in the living room."
Can you talk about what the move-in process was like?
"I just had to pay one month's security deposit, and my roommates were kind enough to actually furnish my bedroom for me. It was like an extra $25 a month if I wanted to have my bedroom furnished, so they bought most of my furniture from IKEA, and I actually just got a dresser from my friend who's moving back to L.A."
How else did you furnish your bedroom?
"There's a mirror I have that someone was giving away in the building, but other than that I really only have a bed and the nightstand and the dresser in here."
Do you have any decorating tips for your style?
"I do not like to put a lot of stuff on my walls; I think it’s distracting. So here my style is very minimalist and very New York. But it’s homey. I always have candles in my room so it's always warm and smells good."

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