The Hottest Bikinis That Come In Plus-Sizes

Stylish options for plus-size swimsuits have been few and far between for way too long. But things are finally changing though, and 2019 is making up for lost time. Joanna Griffiths, the the forward-thinking founder of the size-inclusive Canadian intimate apparel brand Knix, recently launched her company’s swim collection in sizes XXL+ in tops and XXL in bottoms. It’s a line that’s been a long time in the making. “When we started working on the swim category three years ago, there wasn’t a lot of diversity at all,” says Griffiths, who has also pioneered period-proof panties and a game-changing sports bra.
The demand was already there. “Because of the way our bras and our underwear fit, swim became the most requested category for us as a brand,” says Griffiths. Still, she took her time to do it the Knix way, which meant making styles for all the shapes, sizes, and ages. As a disruptor brand, she believes Knix has a responsibility to do things differently. “It’s still not really common to show women of different sizes and ages together,” she says of today’s swimwear imagery. But life doesn’t work that way. “When you’re wearing a bathing suit, you’re around your family and friends of all different ages, and they look very different, so we want to showcase that in our marketing,” says Griffiths.
It’s the kind of body-positive messaging that has attracted 141,000 Instagram followers, inclusive fashion designer and reality TV star Roxy Earle included. “We first started chatting with her two years ago, and we were looking for a project we could partner on together,” says Griffiths. When it came time for swimwear, Earle was a natural fit for the project. “If you follow her on Instagram, you know she loves swimwear,” says Griffiths. “She’s also an advocate for the idea that anyone can wear any type of bathing suit.” Earle had strong ideas about what a suit should offer. “It had to draw the eye to the waist,” says Griffiths. Good cleavage was also high on Earle’s priority list. Most importantly, it has to be a style you can move around in and feel good wearing.
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