We Live In Los Angeles — & Our Rent Is $1,895 A Month

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, roommates Courtney Jesberg, 24, and Xochil Rincon, 24, show off their sweet digs in sunny Los Angeles.
When sorority sisters Xochil Rincon and Courtney Jesberg realized they were both moving to Los Angeles, they decided to find their first grown-up apartment together and deck it out in true sorority style. This meant Vogue posters, faux fur pillows, and DIY pink and white tiles — fitting, given Courtney's fashion background.
"Before we moved in to the place, we definitely talked about how we wanted to make our apartment really cute and make it an actual home," Xochil says. "You know, the apartments that we came from in college had no matching furniture and all that, so we wanted a place where we could have people over and be able to relax in."
Read ahead to hear more about their apartment hunt, and to shop their picks.
How did you find the apartment?
Courtney: "I was living on my aunt's couch in L.A. and Xochil was living at her parents' house an hour outside of L.A. One day, my parents were in town, and we just drove around all day to look at apartments. We had already visited four other apartments that morning and I was in the car looking on Craigslist and I came across this one.
I immediately thought, there's no way it would be $1,895 USD in West Hollywood. This is too good to be true. We got here and luckily the guy said, there's only one other applicant in, so you guys have a good chance. We immediately applied and begged the guy to take us, and luckily he was super nice and let us have the apartment."
Can you talk a little bit more about the financials?
Courtney: "We just had to pay a security deposit and first month's rent. So basically, $2,000 USD each per person, and there wasn't a broker's fee or anything like that."
How did you two decide on furniture together?
Xochil: "Courtney is very much the homemaker. She's very good at decorations. I'm not so great at that, so I'm happy to have her around. Any time we found a piece we liked, we'd send it to each other and discuss where it would go. My mom asked, well, if you guys are going half on the furniture, what's going to happen when you both move out? But for me, it is cool if I can keep it, if not, it's not really that big of a deal."
How would you describe your home style?
Xochil: "I'm more relaxed. I like neutral colours; I don't like things that are too bright."
Courtney: "I find a lot of inspiration from fashion. I feel like a lot of my colours come from fashions I'm inspired by, and also from traveling. I also really like looking at Pinterest."
Where did you find most of your furniture?
Courtney: "A lot of it came from Amazon. That's the first place I'll check. For Amazon, I'll definitely check the reviews to see what people say, but I also trusted that if I didn't like it, I could return it. And then I also look at Target and Ikea."
Xochil: "I'm just slowly decorating my space. Courtney decorated her whole room the first week we moved in and I barely have started finishing up mine this month. "
What's your favourite part of the apartment?
Xochil: "I would say our living room. I think that's my favourite part. Actually, more specifically, our little bar cart area. It's really cute against our pictures that we have on the wall and our plant."
Courtney: "With this apartment, I had more of a budget of my own that I could spend on decorating, and more time, too. I wanted to make it a place I feel proud to call my home. I really prioritized that. I went to every Target, made sure I went to the right Home Depot to find the right plant. I just wanted to make sure it was all cohesive, and if guests come over, I want them to be like, 'Oh, you have a really cute apartment.'"
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