Why The Lob Haircut Is The "It" Style For Summer

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Getty Images.
If you were to imagine the Goldilocks haircut — that just-right length that looks good on everyone — you'd probably envision a lob. The fresh, collarbone-grazing cut has all the chicness of a swingy bob, but it falls at a length well within most people's comfort zone.
Given the wearability, it's no surprise that lob inspiration is everywhere. So, to help you differentiate between all the adorable lobs on Instagram, we've rounded up this season's most wearable variations of the mid-length cut.
Whether your aesthetic is blunt and polished, styled with a centre
part, or you want to add some flair — with bangs, shaggy texture, an A-line shape, or feathered layers — we have the lob for you. Check out the four trendiest takes on the cut, ahead, and schedule the salon appointment for the manageable chop to start your summer 2019 fresh.

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