8 Young Women On Why They Love Living Alone — & How They Make It Work

Despite what we gleaned from years of watching Friends marathons on repeat, not all roommate situations involve sharing an apartment with your besties, hilarious shenanigans with your neighbours across the hall, and frequent group dinners cooked by the resident chef. Some living arrangements are easier than others, but usually, there are plenty of arguments and compromises along the way. And in reality, you can't always be your truest self in front of your roommates — because sometimes, your truest self just wants to watch Netflix in your birthday suit while the dishes pile up.
Living alone is an obvious solution to roommate-related woes, but it's also more expensive and comes with its own set of pros and cons. To get a wider perspective, we asked eight millennial women who love living alone to tell us when they decided to go solo, how they make it work financially, and why they wouldn't have it any other way. Read on for their advice for prospective solo dwellers.

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