5 Natural Haircut Ideas Your Curls Are Practically Begging For

Photo: Courtesy of David Garcia.
One of the most exciting things about having natural hair is being able to transform your entire look just by changing your hairstyle. You can wear your curls out, toss 'em into a bun, slick them back in cornrows, sew in a weave, morph them into box braids, or, switch things up with a fresh haircut. Needless to say, natural hair has options.
That said, the latter may seem simple, but it's by far one of the easiest ways to revamp your look. Whether you're dusting your ends or shedding years of long hair, a good haircut will not only promote healthier curls, but it will make you feel like a brand new person, no matter your hair texture.
If you've already swapped your summer makeup for autumnal collections, and traded in your swimwear for sweaters, then it's time to embrace a new season with a new cut. To help you before your next salon visit, we consulted top curl-focused hairstylists to share the cuts their clients are buzzing about for fall. Screenshot these before your next appointment and prepare to feel Beyoncé-level flawless when you're done.

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