Embroidered Straw Totes Are Winning Summer

Straw bags aren’t just for the beach anymore. Whether you can trace the trend back to Cult Gaia’s game-changing bamboo clutch or just a general summer hankering for 24/7 vacay vibes, bamboo and rattan purses are proliferating in our daily lives.
This season’s must-have straw bags are embroidered in colourful threads, pom poms, and even shells with bold words and phrases. Is it kitschy? Absolutely, but that’s kind of the point.
If there’s one brand really driving the trend forward, it’s Poolside by Ashleigh Stone. Stone owned a store in Montauk but struggled to find straw bags she wanted to stock — so she made her own, embroidering them with rap lyrics and cheeky sayings. “When the Hadids requested bags and I woke up to Gigi posting her "Hadid AF" bag on Instagram, I knew that we had something," she says.
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