Step Up Your Workwear With A Colourful Suit (These Ones Are All On Sale)

From neon-coloured co-ords to sunny yellow suits, colourful suiting was one of the most wearable runway trends for spring 2019. Worn head-to-toe, the look is eye-catching and polished, but also anything but corporate.
If you’ve been working in a professional setting for a few years but don’t have to wear a suit to work every day, there’s a good chance you have a wardrobe of dark-coloured “interview” suits and blazers in safe, easy-to-match neutrals like grey and beige. For something new this season, why not inject a dose of colour to your workwear wardrobe? Don’t forget: You could always wear each piece individually for subtler impact.
Here are three stylish, pretty suits that are on sale this week.

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