Bathing Suits So Cute You’ll Be Inspired To Book a Vacation (Bonus: They're All On Sale)

Whether you’re heading south for spring break soon, or just daydreaming of summer pool parties and trips to the cottage, mid-winter is not a bad time to stock up on bathing suits, surprisingly. Holiday and resort-timed deliveries are starting to get marked down, and the selection of swimwear styles and sizes is still relatively abundant in stores and online.
And the good news is that, with a few exceptions, bathing suit trends tend to be evergreen and remain constant from year to year — so this season’s on-sale styles will likely still be fashionable next year. It’s more about how much you want to reveal (or conceal), specific performance features in the materials, and finding a vibrant colour or pattern that you love.
Click through for three bathing suits that’ll look great no matter where you’re headed.