Meet The Cast Of Taika Waititi’s Reservation Dogs

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Editor's Note: Reservation Dogs doesn't have an air date in Canada yet. We will update as soon as we know.
Writer, director, and producer Taika Waititi is known for his unique comedic storytelling in films and shows like Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do in the Shadows. For his new series Reservation Dogs, Waititi, a New Zealander of Māori indigenous descent, teamed up with Sterlin Harjo, who is Seminole-Muscogee Native American, to create a coming-of-age comedy about being raised in an Indigenous community.
Reservation Dogs, which premiered August 9 on FX on Hulu, focuses on four Native teenagers who live in rural Oklahoma. After the fifth member of their group dies, the remaining crew decides to carry out his dream of moving to California. They are willing to do whatever it takes, including stealing and facing off against a rival gang, to save enough money and make their way to the West Coast. The series was filmed on location in Oklahoma and spotlights the Indigenous community and their stories. 
In addition to an all-Indigenous writers’ room, which Harjo spoke about during a Television Critics Association press tour panel on August 4, Reservation Dogs features a cast of young newcomers who are Indigenous. There are also a few well-known faces in a couple supporting roles. Check out all the new and familiar actors you’ll see in Reservation Dogs.  

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