10 New Netflix Canada Releases To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Are we there yet? This year has been a waiting game and as we inch towards some semblance of a new normal, some of us (namely me) are trying to wait it out in style by keeping cool, collected, and patient. Is it going according to plan? Not quite. Hardcore cinephiles are being tried and tested as release dates for highly-anticipated films are being pushed back further and further. From The Eternals to West Side Story, the road to the big screen has been significantly longer than expected. But since patience is a virtue, our waiting will be rewarded sooner than later — these titles are coming to the silver screen later this year after 12 additional months on the shelf. 
We’re also on the cusp of some of Netflix Canada’s most anticipated releases finally at our fingertips. Next week The Kissing Booth wraps up its trilogy and later this month we’ll finally see Addison Rae’s acting chops in He’s All That. We’re not quite there yet, but their release dates are quickly approaching. In the meantime, Netflix Canada has plenty of new drops to keep us busy. Paris Hilton is flexing her kitchen expertise (?) on Cooking With Paris and 2006 cult fave Cocaine Cowboys is back with a more in-depth docuseries. Maybe the wait isn’t so bad after all. Read on for what to watch this weekend.

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