Meet The Singles Coming To Love Island US Season 3

Photo: courtesy of CBS.
Summer marks the return of some of the best reality dating shows. Season 2 of Too Hot to Handle already dropped and Bachelor in Paradise is set to return in August. Falling in between those two shows is the season three premiere of Love Island US. The global hit is arguably the most drama-filled and entertaining dating series around, and the new set of islanders already seem like they will easily keep us engaged for weeks.
Love Island’s new season will bring back the show’s usual format — the previous season had to film on the rooftop of a Las Vegas hotel due to the pandemic. Season 3 will be filmed in Hawaii which automatically gives the show the island setting and vacation atmosphere it was missing in 2020. Hopefully the change in setting will also make this year’s couples much more successful than season 2’s pairings. CBS announced the first 12 contestants who will enter the villa and also released short videos clips on Love Island USA’s instagram page. These islanders are making history as the first group of contestants selected after CBS committed in November 2020 to casting 50 percent BIPOC talent for their unscripted programming.
Love Island introduces multiple contestants throughout the series, but the original group tend to be the most compelling and some stay on the show until the finale. Get to know this season’s OG singles and what they are looking for before watching them couple up during the season three premiere on July 7.

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