Here’s Where Canadians Can Watch The Gossip Girl Reboot

Photo: Courtesy of HBo.
It may take place on New York’s Upper East Side, but pretty soon Canadians — and everyone else — will have access to the upper echelons of NY society and wealth, through the eyes of super-rich fictional high schoolers. Yes, the Gossip Girl reboot officially has a launch date. 
GG 2.0, which has been in the works since 2019, picks up eight years after the end of the OG show, which followed a group of ridiculously wealthy and privileged NYC teens as they grew up, found love, and made some very high-profile mistakes. While the original show went off the air in 2012, it’s had a lasting cultural impact.
But there won’t be any time jumps or picking up with our old cast of characters (sorry, Blake Lively stans!). The 2021 version has a whole cast of new characters (including Canadian Jordan Alexander in a Blair Waldorf-inspired role!), new relationships, new drama, and — of course — new gossip, all shared via Gossip Girl. Another big change from the original? The elusive GG isn’t sharing her intel via an old WP site, but is instead posting updates and scandalous photos to the masses via everyone’s favourite app: Instagram. Just call it the Deuxmoi of the UES.
Gossip Girl premieres on July 8 and can be streamed on HBO Max via Crave. Spotted: You cuing the popcorn for a weekend streaming binge.

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