Hailey Bieber Apparently Figured Out Who Is Behind The Mysterious Deuxmoi, Instagram’s Gossip Girl

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images.
Do you follow Deuxmoi? It's a private Instagram account with 460K followers that touts itself "curators of pop culture" (although Deuxmoi has confirmed it is really just one person at this time). In March, right as quarantine hit, the Instagram fully transformed into a safe haven for the gossip and celebrity-obsessed when the mysterious and anonymous account owner started accepting blind items, tips, and funny celebrity run-ins.
Instagram's very own Gossip Girl has taken off, and it appears that a few celebrities and industry executives allegedly follow and send in their own insider anonymous information. The account has been written about in The New York Times, and Elle, but Deuxmoi has never revealed their name, age, occupation, or location. All they've revealed so far is their real speaking voice, heard in a recent podcast. They've been a total enigma, until now.
Hailey Bieber is pretty convinced she's figured out who the mysterious gossiper is, and she's confidently teasing it on her own Instagram stories.
Earlier this year, Bieber clapped back indirectly at the account when they posted a blind that suggested she and Justin Bieber were pregnant. Instead of calling out the account itself, Bieber called out US Weekly for supposedly working on a story based on the information posted on Deuxmoi. It was messy to say the least. And now, it seems like Bieber is done losing sleep over who the owner of the account is. She's so proud of herself for uncovering the person's identity, which she has not shared at this time, that she even thinks she should be recruited by the FBI.
For those who aren't acquainted, the account basically a "blind item starter pack" for people who live for celebrity drama, but maybe don't know how to actually read a blind item. Almost everything is posted in Instagram stories, which means the tidbits of gossip and celebrity sightings (a la Gawker Stalker) disappear after 24 hours, opening the floodgates for even more news. The information posted is purely "conjecture" and "rumours," but that doesn't stop followers from reading many of her postings as hard and true facts.
Because of the nature of the account, it makes sense that the owner would not want their identity known. This way they're protected(ish) from being sued, or worse, publicly dragged by a celebrity with 50 million followers. Of course I personally would love to know the mastermind behind this entertaining social media account, but nothing good comes from doxing people. It does feel like the person running it is a little famous or notable, though, because it would otherwise be inappropriate — and even dangerous —  for Bieber to open the flood gates like this. But like Deuxmoi's own account, everything at this point is just speculation.
If Deuxmoi wants to reveal their identity, then I'm so ready to meet them. And if they don't, then Bieber really should not. But as they say: all's fair in love and gossip.
At the time of publishing this article Refinery29 has reached out to Deuxmoi for comment, with no response.

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