HBO Max’s Made For Love Turns A Modern Romance Into A Toxic High Stakes Chase

Photo: courtesy of HBO MAX.
True love’s course never runs smooth, but a technologically manufactured relationship is even more fraught with chaos — at least, according to the storyline of HBO Max’s newest original series, Made for Love.
The forthcoming original project will follow the relationship gone horribly wrong between two married people, Byron (Aladdin's Billy Magnussen) and Hazel (Cristin Milioti). Made for Love sees the spouses go from lovers to mortal enemies at the hands of a sinister technology that allows them to be connected at all times. The tech, a tiny chip implanted into both of their brains during its beta phase, is the first in billionaire technocrat Byron’s elaborate scheme to make even more money by bringing other couples together.
“Technology has improved the way we live,” Byron says optimistically in the trailer. “Why not improve the way we love?”
But we’ll soon learn the downside to being plugged into another person’s brain. Hazel never agreed to test the chip on her own mind, especially because she’s not even in love with Byron anymore. Unfortunately, her attempts to end her marriage prove futile — she’s literally being controlled by her husband — forcing Hazel to go on the run to make a clean break from Byron. Desperate and determined, our protagonist is forced to reunite with her father (Ray Romano) in her quest for freedom with a bounty hunter (Dan Bakkedahl) hot on her heels, and her husband watching her every move.
The wild Black Mirror-esque plot of Made for Love, adapted from Alyssa Nutting's 2018 sci-fi novel of the same name, will play out over the course of eight fast-paced episodes on HBO Max. Nutting is also serving as the show's executive producer alongside Christina Lee, Patrick Somerville Dean Bakopoulous, Liza Chasin, and SJ Clarkson.
In Canada, Made for Love will air the first three episodes on April 1, only on Crave.

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