You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

I have a really bad habit of reading films’ synopses before watching. At the theatre (remember those?), I’ve even been known to sneak away to the bathroom mid-movie to read spoilers. Is that neurotic? Probably. I guess I just like to be prepared. 
In that respect, the past 10 months have been a challenge. While I can do a quick search to figure out WTF was going on in Tenet, I can't google my way to knowing when the pandemic will end, when I will be able to taste my grapes before buying them, or if I’ll be able to smell the comforting sweaty aroma of a spinning class ever again. And though I won't be slowing down on my spoiler habit anytime soon, I am working towards being more at ease with the uncertain state of the world. If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t always be prepared and that sometimes, going with the flow is less painful than trying to piece together what’s beyond your control. 
We’ve put together all of the best new, new-ish, and just plain good things to watch on Netflix Canada this weekend. Whether you take a peek at how they end is your business.

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