You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Lavine/NETFLIX.
As an avid watcher, streamer, and DVR recorder, I believe that shows are best paired with a hearty serving of social-media discourse. All of my juiciest watches as of late, from Insecure’s wig-snatching season 4 finale last summer to The Vow, the absolutely insane NXIVM documentary, have been enhanced by a steady stream of hot takes on Twitter. (Most recently, I've looked forward to reading through my timeline’s quips and theories about Nicole Kidman’s HBO miniseries The Undoing, ranging from hilarious takes on her Eyes Wide Shut-era wig to forensic-level whodunit analysis.)
In a time when we’re so separated, reading hilarious live commentary on my feed while watching is almost comparable to piling on the couch for a viewing party with all of my funniest friends, or a really boisterous family of 10,000+. Though it will probably be quite some time before we can host IRL watch parties again, Twitter is the perfect place to get your fix for a communal kiki in the meantime.
Here are some new, new-ish and just plain good films and shows on Netflix Canada that you and your timeline can collectively enjoy (or hate-watch).

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