You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Paramount Television/Everett Collection.
Twitter isn't the most positive of platforms at the best of times — especially during last week's never-ending U.S. election. But there's been some good news on my feed recently. In addition to Trump being outed as U.S. President and Kamala Harris becoming the first female V.P., the highlight was Netflix Canada's tweet announcing that three iconic Black sitcoms would be making their way to Canadian screens within the next month. Last week it added Sister, Sister, this week it will begin streaming Girlfriends, and next week Moesha will be available.
While we aren’t getting all of the Black sitcoms that are currently on American Netflix, to many, myself included, this is still a huge deal. Not just because they’re all really funny and not just because they’re super-nostalgic (I proudly owned several Moesha Barbies). Each of these sitcoms blazed TV trails by centring on three-dimensional Black characters at a time when that wasn’t very common. Black life was shown through a lens of normalcy, not tragedy, and an entire generation of Black teens were able to watch coming-of-age stories about characters who looked like them. Now, a new class of teens, who still need these stories and this representation on-screen, will be able to enjoy them.
In addition to these sitcom staples, if you need something new to check out, we’ve compiled the best new, new-ish, and just plain good things to watch on Netflix Canada this weekend.

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