Inside Casa Loma, The Toronto Mansion Where The Schitt’s Creek Cast Celebrated Emmys Night

With Schitt's Creek sweeping the 2020 Emmys, we've been seeing a lot of the beautiful event at which the show's cast and crew gathered to celebrate. But where exactly were these folks accepting all the awards?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the cast of Schitt's Creek had originally planned to gather in Eugene Levy's backyard on Emmys' night, but with its astounding 15 total nominations, they decided the occasion deserved something a little bit more special. With a party fit for even the Roses' level of grandeur, the Schitt's Creek team gathered at Casa Loma in Toronto.
In one of his many acceptance speeches, Dan Levy quipped "this tent is on fire." Based on the many clips shown of the Schitt's Creek cast and crew, it looks like they had their party inside a clear tent on the grounds of Casa Loma, which is a Gothic Revival style mansion in midtown Toronto. According to Casa Loma's official website, it was first built in 1914 by a financier named Sir Henry Pellatt. These days, however, the 64,700-square-foot mansion is owned by the City of Toronto and is one of Toronto's top tourist attractions and hospitality venues. The good news for those who can't travel to Toronto anytime soon? You can take a virtual tour of its seven floors and sweeping grounds.
In addition to the glamourous black tiled floors and classy white Chiavari-style chairs and table cloths at the Emmys event at Casa Loma, Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, and more posed in front of a stunning flower wall ahead of the awards ceremony. The whole party even gave David and Patrick's exquisite wedding a run for its money. And, despite how much they grew as people over the course of the show's six seasons, we're sure the Roses would still happily move out of the Rosebud Motel and into Casa Loma if they had the chance.
Ahead of the event, Schitt's Creek issued a statement on its official Twitter page explaining the safety protocols that the cast and crew members had taken in order to be able to gather together at Casa Loma. Clearly, the beloved show knew that in 2020, it's important to demonstrate how to celebrate both safely and stylishly.

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