9 Celebrities Who Styled Their Baby Hairs To Perfection

When Alicia Keys arrived at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, she didn't just captivate audiences with her inspiring words and uplifting ballads — but also with her show-stopping hair. At first glance, you might have noticed the singer/songwriter proudly rocking cornrows with artfully-styled edges. But take a closer look, and you'll see that she actually had hundreds of Swarovski crystals accenting each swoop and swirl — all cascading into a glamorous bejeweled bun at the nape of her neck.
It was a proud and celebratory moment, especially for Black and Latinx communities who have held a deep connection to the style for generations. And it was just one of many recent examples of celebrities putting their baby hairs front and centre, rather than "taming" or straightening them. From H.E.R. to Jennifer Lopez, find all the inspiration you need to own your baby hairs in 2020, ahead.

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