Selena Gomez Wore The Sweetest Hairstyle To The Frozen Premiere

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.
Move over Elsa and Anna, Selena Gomez and her 6-year-old baby sister, Gracie Teefey, just stole the red carpet at last night's Disney premiere of Frozen 2.
Not only did the sister duo show up holding hands — be still our hearts — they did us one better and showed up in twinning princess costumes. The look was matching white-and-blue floral maxi gowns by Marc Jacobs, topped with dove-gray feathered and sequined cloaks draped over their shoulders. And their hairstyles were the perfect complement.
While the bitty Teefey’s blonde bangs are undeniably adorable (again, she's six), fans were instantly abuzz about the Lose You To Love Me star's hair, which was weaved into chunky, ombré, pigtail braids that spilled down the front of her cape.
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.
Because Gomez recently debuted a curly bob back in September, we know that her Frozen 2 hairstyle, albeit sweet, is neither her natural length or texture, and instead extra-long extensions placed by her hairstylist Marissa Marino. Actually, according to Marino's Instagram Stories, the real reason behind the pigtail braids is just as precious as the style itself. "Anna braids requested by Gracie," Marino wrote in a photo caption in her Stories.
And now, not only do we have the impulse to get ombré extensions and weave them into pigtail braids á la Gomez, we're officially crying tears of happiness reliving the outtakes from this sister moment.
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