A Guide To The New Faces In This Is Us’ Season 4 Cast Of Characters

Everyone’s favourite primetime drama that makes them bawl their eyes out at least once a week finally returns on September 24. While This Is Us tends to drop multiple clues at the end of its finales to tease the upcoming season, the third cycle truly left viewers confused and heavily anticipating what would happen next. Now that the This Is Us season 4 trailer, complete with new characters, has been released, we have more questions than ever.
The Golden Globe-winning series tends to have a few special guest appearances each season, including the likes of Ron Cephas and Phylicia Rashad, but for the most part the writers stick to telling stories that include the core cast (Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan, and Susan Kelechi Watson).
The obvious exception to this rule is the addition of Jack’s (Ventimiglia) younger brother Nicky played by Michael Angarano. Well, Angarano’s guest arc must’ve been widely received because the show has already revealed that 11 (read it: e-l-e-v-e-n) new characters will join the show this season. And knowing This Is Us, the show probably won't stop there.
The series also isn't going to give us all the answers up front. The teaser trailer only shows the slew of new actors in a quick succession of scenes with very little context. What else did we expect? Rebecca’s (Moore) voiceover merely stresses the importance of strangers and their unexpected roles in people’s lives and a possible theme for season 4.
So, while there is limited information about how these new faces will impact the Pearsons and their friends, here's what we do know about who's new to This Is Us and what role they may possibly play.

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