An Old Bachelorette Promo May Hint At What Garrett Actually Does In Episode 6

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
For actual weeks, all the drama on The Bachelorette has been centred around Luke P. However, it seems like a new contestant is rising in the drama realm. What did Garrett do on The Bachelorette? The episode six promo has what seems to be a Garrett voice-over hinting that he may have upset Hannah. "I know I messed up," the voice says, while a clip plays of Garrett staring out a window. A voiceover later in the trailer, possibly also belonging to Garrett then says, "It’s my fault. I hope that she forgives me."
Hannah is also visibly upset in the promo. "I'm so frustrated," she says. "I'm just like really defeated … I don’t want to do this." By this, she could mean The Bachelorette, because she's later seen talking to host Chris Harrison who wants to know if her heart is still even in this. The other men also accuse someone of something, saying, "No one believes you. What did you say, dude?"
Because there is still unresolved drama between Hannah and Luke and the contestants and Luke, some of this tension in the trailer may still have to do with him. Even though Hannah said she couldn't give him the date rose, he was still shown praying in the promo for the next episode, hinting that he doesn't go home quite yet. (Can't wait to see how he talked his way back into a rose.)
Meanwhile, it's unclear what the issue with Garrett could be, but one scene from the original season long trailer showed Luke and Garrett exchanging words. "I've been nothing but truthful, and you are not gonna mess it up," Luke says to Garrett in a threatening tone.
That scene has yet to air, so perhaps it's this altercation that upsets Hannah. She's already shown that she (understandably) has very little patience for contestant in-fighting, and she may get frustrated at both Garrett and Luke for continuing this drama.
So far, Garrett has flown under the radar with Hannah. He's been quick to criticize Luke P., but mostly to the other men and to the cameras, not to Hannah herself. As far as she's concerned thus far, he's a pretty chill contestant that she has a real connection with. If Garrett gets more involved in the drama next week, it could upset Hannah, which would explain why Garrett seemingly blames himself for messing up.
If that's the case, it means that the Luke P. drama is still the centre of the show, it's just that he's sucked in a new target now that Luke S. is gone. But if this is how the rest of the season keeps going, it's just going to get harder and more frustrating for Hannah and the other contestants to be there, and for viewers to watch go down.

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